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Ibis Ripmo AF Canada – Discover the Ultimate Mountain Biking Experience in the Great White North

The Ibis Ripmo AF is a trail shredding machine. And now, Ibis has released a limited edition Ripmo AF that pays homage to the land of maple syrup, hockey, and breathtaking trails – Canada. This Canadian-inspired edition of the Ripmo AF comes with all the features and performance that have made the Ripmo AF a favorite among riders around the world, but with a unique twist that sets it apart.

With its bold red and white color scheme, adorned with maple leaf decals, the Ibis Ripmo AF Canada Limited Edition is a visual masterpiece. It proudly shows off its Canadian heritage, standing out from the crowd on any trail. But this limited edition Ripmo AF isn’t just about looks – it also delivers exceptional performance.

The Ripmo AF Canada Limited Edition is built on Ibis’ proven Ripmo AF platform, which combines the climbing efficiency of the Ripley with the downhill prowess of the Mojo. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, a DW-Link suspension system, and 147mm of rear travel. This allows you to tackle technical climbs with ease and confidently charge through rough descents.

Whether you’re a Canadian rider looking for a bike that represents your country’s love for mountain biking, or simply a rider who appreciates the unique aesthetics of the Ibis Ripmo AF Canada Limited Edition, this bike is sure to turn heads both on and off the trails. Get ready to make a statement in the Ibis Ripmo AF Canada Limited Edition.

Ibis Ripmo AF in Canada

The Ibis Ripmo AF is a popular mountain bike model that has gained a strong following in the Canadian cycling community. This edition of the Ripmo AF is specifically designed to tackle the rugged and diverse terrain found in Canada.

Canadian Edition

The Canadian edition of the Ibis Ripmo AF boasts several features that make it well-suited for the country’s challenging riding conditions. The bike’s durable construction and robust components ensure that it can handle rough trails and demanding descents.

The Ripmo AF’s suspension system is optimized for the varied terrain found in Canada. It provides a smooth and responsive ride, absorbing impacts and maintaining traction even on unpredictable surfaces. This allows riders to tackle steep climbs and technical descents with confidence.

Ripmo AF vs. Ripley

While the Ripmo AF is designed for aggressive trail riding, its sibling model, the Ripley, is better suited for cross-country adventures. The Ripley offers a lighter and more nimble ride, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking speed and efficiency.

However, for riders who crave more aggressive and challenging trails, the Ripmo AF is the ideal choice. Its burlier frame and suspension offer enhanced stability and control, allowing riders to take on more technical terrain and push their limits.

In conclusion, the Ibis Ripmo AF Canadian edition is a top choice for riders looking to tackle the diverse and challenging terrain found throughout Canada. Its durable construction, optimized suspension, and aggressive design make it an excellent companion for Canadian mountain biking adventures.

Ibis Ripmo AF Limited Edition in Canada

The Ibis Ripmo AF Limited Edition is now available in Canada. This high-performance mountain bike combines the best features from the Ripley and Ripmo models, offering riders an unmatched experience on the trails.

With its lightweight aluminum frame, the Ripmo AF Limited Edition delivers exceptional durability without compromising on agility. Whether you’re tackling technical climbs or flying down descents, this bike can handle it all.

The limited edition design of the Ripmo AF in Canada features bold Canadian-inspired graphics, showcasing the country’s iconic landscapes. This bike is not only a joy to ride but also a statement of Canadian pride.

Equipped with the latest components, the Ripmo AF Limited Edition ensures top-notch performance. The bike is fitted with a robust drivetrain, powerful brakes, and responsive suspension, allowing riders to confidently tackle any trail.

On top of its impressive performance and eye-catching design, the Ibis Ripmo AF Limited Edition offers exceptional value for money. Canadian riders can now experience the thrill of this premium mountain bike without breaking the bank.

If you’re a Canadian rider looking for a top-tier mountain bike that combines the best features of the Ripley and Ripmo models, the Ibis Ripmo AF Limited Edition is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride in style with this Canadian-inspired bike.

Get ready to embark on your next adventure with the Ibis Ripmo AF Limited Edition, now available in Canada!

Ibis Ripley AF Canadian

The Ibis Ripley AF Canadian edition is a limited release of the popular Ripmo AF bike designed specifically for the Canadian market. This special edition combines the exceptional performance of the Ripmo AF with unique features tailored to Canadian riders.

Features Benefits
Canadian-inspired design Captures the spirit of Canadian mountain biking
Custom Canadian flag decals Shows your Canadian pride on the trails
Upgraded suspension Enhanced performance on rugged Canadian terrain
Extra-wide handlebars Provides better control and stability
Canadian maple leaf engraved on frame Aesthetically pleasing and represents the bike’s Canadian identity

The Ibis Ripley AF Canadian edition is a must-have for Canadian riders looking for a high-quality, durable, and stylish mountain bike that can conquer the challenging trails of Canada. With its limited availability, make sure to get your hands on this exclusive edition before it’s too late!