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This is the ultimate in compact, folding electric bicycles. Planes, boats, car trunks, RV’s, under your desk or in a tight corner. The eZee Quando quick 15 seconds fold-up sequence, the best upholstery cleaner and lightweight is ideal for storage. Unfolded, its 20″ wheels gives this bike an amazing pep and versatility. Blast up hills and zip around, this is as much fun on bike you’ll ever get. Check out the competition and then look at eZee Quando and you will see why it is such a winner. If you are looking for a portable electric bike, look no further.
eZee Quando Product Information Sheet

Electric folding bikes like the eZee Quando are becoming very popular these days. Many eZee Quando riders use the bike for their daily commute because they can often take them right into their office and even into elevators. If you work at a location where the security of a bike is problematic, a folding bike such as the eZee Quando may be the solution.

Those who own a boat, private plane, RV, or even just want a bike that is easy to put in a car trunk will find the eZee Quando a great transportation solution.

The eZee Quando was built to be as easy to use and low maintenance as possible. It is a one speed bike (no gears). The battery pack is lockable and conveniently located for great weight distribution and balance. This bike can be folded in half: the handlebars fold, and the pedals fold, making a nice tidy package – all in less than 30 seconds.

The smaller wheels give this bike amazing torque and requires very little or no pedalling at all, even going up hills.

“The eZee Quando is the lightest bike in this class. If portability, ease of use and amazing hill climbing is would you are looking for, the eZee Quando is your bike.”

“It is compact and comfortable with suspension and wide tires, has plenty of power for those wishing not to pedal much, accelerates smoothly, quietly and quickly, offers exceptional range, operates with beautiful ease and simplicity (one speed and throttle control), handles with crisp manoeuvrability, brakes safely, is light, folds with precision while on its steady dual stand in seconds, is highly reliable and comes with product support you can trust. It also happens to be entirely too much fun to zip around on.”

“What a surprise! The Quando looks like a standard little motorized folding bike, but boy does it move. The eZee Quando uses a similar hub motor to the Torq but in the rear instead of front. This little guy has amazing hill climbing ability and top speed.

I am certain this electric folding bike will take the place of many scooters as it is light, fast and has 3 times the range of most electric scooters. The Quando has to be the perfect New York City commuter bike. Since it folds it will be allowed to go on all trains and buses during rush hour as well.”

“A guaranteed winner… the best hill climber we’ve seen… would suit a commuter in a hilly city, storming up gradients that would leave conventional cyclists puffing and blowing.”

What others are saying!

“I bought my Quando I e-bike from you recently and I tried it out around the hills of Torquay and Paignton for the first time last Sunday. I must admit that I was VERY impressed with the bike’s performance. It was so easy that I hardly used the motor alone option. Considering the hills around Torquay and Paignton this is very impressive and even more so when the total mileage on this first outing totalled 18.5 miles (I especially rode around lots of hills in order to test its performance). This has certainly bought back the joys of cycling around Devon.”

“We haven’t had as much fun in years as we’ve had in the last two days. The bikes are great and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I had forgotten how much you can see from a bike compared to a car. The bikes handle the steepest hills with a bit of help and Bristol has some real slogs to walk up, never mind cycle.”


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