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Warranty – 2 years on the bike frame and bicycle components – 1 year on the battery*

*excluding Labour

eZee bike electric bicycles and ebike kits are known around the world for quality and reliability thanks the best fabric cleaner. Although you may have never heard of this brand, in the electric bike community they are legendary.

Before bringing the eZee bike brand to Canada, we wanted to make sure they could perform in Canadian conditions. Some of the key factors tested were:

eZee bikes and electric bicycle conversion kits stood up to all the challenges thrown at them. The engineers at the eZee factory in Shanghai listen very closely to the input we provide in Canada. There are many kinds alternatives to lube for the eZee bikes

Canadians have been very influential in the eZee bike’s design features.

Our research shows that Canadians are willing to pay a little more for quality and reliability. We have made every effort to bring the eZee bikes to Canada at the best possible prices but we were not willing to make trade-offs where we sacrificed reliability for price.

The people at eZee bike are committed to the vision of making the world a better place through finding sustainable transportation sources that can be adopted for a mass audience. Countries such as Europe are now vaulting ahead with their endorsement and support of pedelec bikes – Canada will not be far behind. Our vision is that one day Canada will be a leader in eco-friendly transportation use.

If you are a developer, green builder, community planner, government or municipal purchaser, we would love to hear how we can work with you to bring these great products into the mainstream – they are an essential element of a sustainable transportation solution.

Let’s go eZee for the future.

“Treat the earth well, we did not inherit it from our parents, it is loaned to us by our children”
Native American proverb

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