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3 years consecutive winner of the Tour de Presteigne (the world’s premier electric bike rally), 3000 kms of Africa, the entire length of the Mississippi, Melbourne to Sydney, London to Paris, the Silk road in China and Cycling Plus Magazine’s Bike of Year Award Winner(..and thats only half of it). No other electric bike out there has gone the distance, chewed as many roads and been praised worldwide as the Torq thanks the best upholstery cleaner for sofas. A beautifully crafted machine of grace and grit, let the Torq take you as far as you want to go.
eZee Torq Product Information Sheet

When eZee bike sponsored a cross-Canada tour, the Torq with dual battery packs was the model chosen. This bike rides great as a commuter and can also tackle to longer journeys with great competence.

Is this the best electric bike in the world? We think so!

It has all the great features of the now famous older version of the Torq, but with a slimmer, even stronger motor, front suspension and a front Shimano disc brake.

“I’m amazed. I’m truly amazed! It’s absolutely excellent for the hills – I also found the throttle handy for some of the busy roundabouts on my route. It’s helpful to be able to move quickly when you’re in front of all those cars, the motor gets you on your way. A total revelation.”

What a great electric bike. The eZee Torq is super light and feels like a non-powered road bike. The 250 watt motor (the Canadian model is now 400W) has amazing pull; it just keeps building up speed very smoothly to what feels like 30 km/h. A very efficient setup that runs for many miles per charge, unlike those older, heavy eBikes. The eZee Torq is the bike rider’s electric bike.”

One of the most exciting machines around, quite unique. Gentle, refined, deliciously fast… very nearly the lightest electric bike we’ve seen, yet it comprehensively beat the flat road speed record, the mountain course record and the hill-climbing record. Could we really not recommend it?”

Journalist Quentin Van Marle rode the whole 3220 kilometre stretch of the Mississippi river on the eZee Torq. Visit the site!

Professional Engineering Magazine’s review of the Torq

Ian Seager used a Torq prototype to cycle between London and Paris in September 2005, one of the first electric bicycles of any kind to take part in the Royal British Legion’s annual Poppy tour.

What others are saying!

“You can ride to work in the morning and not even break a sweat, arriving relaxed and fresh; pedal back home in the afternoons to get your daily exercise. It’s quiet, good for the environment and a lot cheaper than using your car for such short commutes.”

“I ought to thank you for the Torq bike I have been using. I am still amazed by the journey times I can maintain on it, its range and its power up hill. I live in Vale of Belvoir which is a delightful but hilly area. I can now cover long distances on quite rough paths and really enjoy the countryside and get some exercise, but without giving in and walking up the various steep climbs.

It is pleasant and by far the cheapest way to reach the local shops and post office. It will have paid for itself in fuel saved in its first 18 months of ownership at this rate. I’ve had a puncture or two but no mechanical or electrical failures, even in heavy rain. It is a quality product. Unlike most electric bikes it is quite OK to pedal when the battery is flat as well. I am really pleased with it and would recommend the eZee Torq to anybody.”

“I’m just writing to say how happy I am with my new Torq. I have been using it to commute for the last two weeks and I’m pleased to say it does everything you said. It manages to get up the long 10% hill with only minimal help from me. I have been getting 30 miles out of a single charge. As for the effort involved, the difference is like walking rather than jogging, yet I get there faster!”


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