eZee Sprint LDS electric bicycle

The eZee Sprint LDS is a particularly popular electric bike due to its versatile design and the best upholstery stain remover. The simple step-through frame makes it accessible to a wide range of riders. The low position of the top tube of the frame makes mounting and dismounting the bike effortless without sacrificing the stiffness of the frame.
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eZee Sprint LDS electric bicycle - Versatile low step through electric bicycle at www.ezeebike.ca

The eZee Sprint LDS electric bike rides very well and is super easy to use. It has one of those 7-speed internal hubs which you can shift without pedaling; this comes in handy when driving in NYC traffic. You can down shift to first gear if you get forced to stop short, on a derailleur bike you have to take off in high gear – no fun at all. The bike has a smooth front suspension and handles well on rough roads and feels very save and stable. The step-through frame is great for stop and go traffic and city riding. If you’re looking for a bike that does it all – this is it.

Feature video of the Sprint LDS being used as a rent-a-bike on Magnetic Islands, just off the coast of Australia.

“One of the best electric bikes around. The Sprint is light, the fastest in its class and should wipe the floor with the opposition.”

  • A to B Magazine

“In challenging country, the most blistering performance we’ve seen.”

  • A to B Magazine

“This is fun, way more exciting than I imagined. The sort of machine I can imagine myself commuting on.”

  • Metro newspaper

What others are saying!

“Just to let you know that I received my Sprint 3 speed yesterday. I must tell you that I’m over the moon with it!

Took it out for a ride today for the first time, intending to have ‘just a run around the block’, and ended up doing just over 10 miles straight off. And… for the first time ever while cycling, actually went looking for hills to ride up!

It’s comfortable, rides beautifully, and performs admirably. Thank you for such a wonderful product. It’s reassuring to find a product that is properly designed and built for its purpose.”

  • D Scott, UK

“The bike is unbelievable! I have used it daily and can’t remember the last time I felt so full of beans. What a fantastic piece of kit, good strong construction, very robust.”

Here are some things I particularly like about this bike:

Throttle grip – I like the fact that you can limit the power to the motor and vary the speed. When you set off from traffic lights or are stuck behind a car at a roundabout it is easy to get going.

The motor – Being able to cycle effortlessly up hills is unbelievable. With a minimum of effort you can climb easily whilst all around are failing. When you are absolutely done in and your legs are full of lactic acid it’s great to just stop pedaling for a moment and let yourself rest without falling behind.

And the things you now notice on your ride because you have time – as a former touring cyclist I spent a lot of time head down and bum in the air pedaling like fury. Now I can still maintain the speed but also have a look around.

The central stand – This enables me to load the rack up without falling over, all I need to do is push it off gently and climb on. The bike with a battery on is fairly weighty so it makes it easy to move about without having to lean it against something or lie it on the ground.

The gears – Nice and easy. I don’t have to think which cog I’m on or have to change down quickly when I get to a T junction. I just twist and go.

The freedom – I can do what I want, when I want. There is nothing better than being out in the cool air cycling along country roads whilst everyone is flaking out due to heat exhaustion.

Many, many thanks – the smile is still on my face from Sunday”

  • Ian Seager, UK

“I would like to tell you how very pleased I am with the bike. What a fantastic bike! It is sheer magic to ride; it is so easy it glides along the road. I am so pleased with it; the gears are great I cannot fault it at all. If I say something is fantastic you can bet your bottom dollar it is. I do not mince words.

I feel like I have lost two stone in weight, the looks I get going up hills I just zoom off. I should have bought one ages ago.”

  • Liz, UK

“Just to let you know that six months ago I got my Sprint 7 and in that time I have done 1,000km. I have had an electric bike before but this is by far the best. I am very happy, I use it every day. Well worth every penny.”

  • David M, UK