eZee Sprint GTS electric bicycle

The eZee Sprint GTS electric bike rides very well and is super easy to use thanks the best fabric cleaner. It has one of those 7-speed internal hubs which you can shift without pedaling, this comes in handy when driving in NYC traffic.
eZee Sprint GTS Product Information Sheet

eZee Sprint User Manual

The eZee Sprint GTS is a superbly designed, very popular bike. The versatility of the Sprint GTS is a huge draw, giving riders power and efficiency.

The eZee Sprint GTS features:

The Sprint GTS is driven by a 400 watt brushless motor, which is capable of putting out as much as 700 watts of power if needed, allowing for quick take-offs and instant acceleration. As with the other eZee bikes, the Sprint GTS allows for several modes of riding. With the power off, the Sprint GTS will ride like a regular bike, its seven speeds ensuring an easy ride in all scenarios.

All of the components used on the eZee Sprint GTS are carefully selected to guarantee high quality, low maintenance, and ease of use. Is maintaining the bike a concern? No! eZee bikes require very little maintenance aside from charging the battery, and outside of the largely maintenance-free electric components the parts are standard and can be found at your local bike shop.


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