eZee Liv

The casino online best payout is everything you’ll need for a basic slot game. It’s power and high capacity 370Wh battery makes commuting simple and fun. It’s all about our philosophy of making bikes – practical everyday transport with quality specs where it counts. 3 Speed Nexus Inter gears, e-bike tyres, the best stain remover for upholstery, aluminum alloy and stainless steel components ensure durability and affordability.

The LIV is particularly good for left handed people since it is one of the few electric bicycles with a left-handed throttle.

“The best value high performance electric bike ever produced, the Liv has also been our fastest seller.”

“The eZee Liv has a lot of competition, but most of these machines (and quite a few costing £700 or more) can be dismissed. Against such single-speed, overweight monsters as the Powabyke Shopper, Sakura Cruiser, and even more horrible things, the Ezee Liv is light years ahead. The only real competition comes from the Giant Suede and the new LPX versions of the Powacycle Windsor and Salisbury, but their performance and equipment just doesn’t come into the same ballpark as the Liv.”

A to B magazine also awarded the Liv a unique ** (highly recommended) rating.

What others are saying!

“Received my eZee Liv this morning! I’m now an e-biker.

First impressions were very good – the bike’s well made and feels very solid. It accelerated quite quickly to its max speed. My friend insisted on a run and came back with a smile on his face. After coffee I headed into central London 8 miles away.

Gears. The gears worked well and I really didn’t have to think about them much. My original intention was to not pedal all the way and see when the battery conked out but I quite enjoyed gently pedalling with the throttle at 3/4s and the gearing was just right for this.

The brakes are good – V-brakes in front for quick stops and a roller brake behind for long descents. I just used them both all the time and thought no more about them.

Overall I really enjoyed my ride. The bike seems very well made. It has a fair turn of speed, and coped well with all the hills we met especially if you gently pedal to help out.”


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