eZee Forza

Sleek and discrete in black, the eZee Forza silently eliminates the strains of headwinds and hills. Its Shimano Deore rear derailleur gears coupled with our unique high performance motor smoothly powers your ride.
eZee Forza Product Information Sheet

eZee Forza electric bike - Hybrid eZee bike at www.ezeebike.ca - Canada's source for quality electric bicycles

The new eZee Forza is our high end, limited production model designed specifically for the discerning, experienced cyclist who is looking for power and comfort. The eZee Forza is a powerful, fully-equipped cutting edge design and upholstery cleaning spray with no equal in the electric bike scene.

Anywhere is within reach on a Forza. Its solid power eats up the miles, flattening hills and rounding corners with gusto. It’s practical, thrilling and even looks as good as it rides.

The eZee Forza performs with smooth, quiet power and swift acceleration right up to the legal limit (and beyond). It provides the most comfortable ride, crisp handling and impressive miles per charge. The eZee Forza ships fully prepped and ‘ready-to-ride’.

The Forza is fitted with top-quality components, including excellent brakes and gears, as well as the best motor/battery combination available in an electric bike.

The eZee Forza is unique in the line of eZee bikes. While all of the other eZee bikes work with a throttle (you simply activate the throttle and the bike will take off), the Forza works with a dial activated cruise control.

Depending on how high you set the cruise, you’ll find that it either helps take the edge off of some of the hills, or makes pedaling completely effortless. This setting can be easily changed on the fly as needed. You simply select the level of assistance that you’d like on the dial, and then you start pedaling, at which point the electric assistance will kick in.

For those of you that think the Forza is a beautifully designed bike but prefer throttle-based systems over pedal assisted systems, you’ll be happy to know that the Forza offers selection: you can either go with the standard pedal assisted setup, or you can opt for the throttle-based setup that you find on all of the other eZee bikes.