eZee Forte electric bicycle

Anywhere is within reach on a Forte. Its quiet, surefooted power lets you ride unhindered, slicing through congested streets like a laser, sweeping up hills like wildfire. There’s no quicker, more thrilling way to get where you want to go.

The eZee Forte is the most well-rounded electric bicycle in eZee’s line of electric bikes. The Forte is based around a one-size-fits-all 17” hybrid style alloy frame and 26” wheels. The handlebar is fully adjustable and can be set for a lower position and faster riding or an upright position for easy, comfortable riding. The eZee Forte also features front fork suspension that ensures a comfortable ride no matter what road you’re riding on.

The Forte’s 8-speed Shimano gear shifter controls a maintenance-free internal hub that can be shifted at a standstill (useful at traffic lights) or while riding. It’s an extremely user-friendly system. The large brushless motor provides the necessary torque for hill climbing and is the perfect partner with the Forte’s gear hub.

It is delivered fully equipped with mudguards, lights and a handy rear rack. The puncture-resistant tyres have reflective sidewalls that guarantee durability and safety. There’s nothing about this bike that isn’t sturdy. Overall, the Forte is fully prepared to meet all of your needs as a serious rider.

The best of the best!

“We’ve had difficulty recommending a best of the bunch electric bike… we think the eZee Forte is one of the best.”


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