eZee electric bicycle Kits

The eZee kit allows the conversion of any standard normal cycle into a powerful and state-of-the-art electric bicycle. It comes fully equipped with a 400W nominal power brushless DC motor, Lithium Polymer battery, upholstery cleaning spray and all the electronics needed to completely transform your favorite cycle. We have seen some truly amazing bicycle conversions done using the eZee kits – they open up a range of exciting possibilities!
eZee Kits
The full installation can be done by anyone who has some DIY skills and with standard cycle tools. It can be done in a couple of hours depending on your skill level and the bicycle that it is fitted to. Basically, it involves replacing your current front wheel with the eZee wheel assembly and connecting up the wires. The battery and controller are neatly housed in a specially designed bag that can be fixed to the side any rear carrier, leaving the rack open for storage of other goods. If your bicycle does not have a rear carrier currently, a basic one can be purchased and fitted from any good cycle store.

The eZee wheel assembly comes fitted with a 180mm disc brake rotor. The advanced eZee motor is thin enough to allow the whole assembly to fit into a standard 100mm axle width front fork. If your cycle is already fitted with a disc brake caliper, this might be used and your front brake will work fine. Sometimes, fitting the recommended Shimano BR-M545 will be required. If your cycle does not have a caliper mounting, this is no problem and the disc brake rotor can simply be removed by unscrewing it, or it can be left in place and simply not used.

All that is left is to route the wires to the front, secure them neatly with some cable ties, and connect up the supplied throttle and the battery voltage LED indicator to the handle bars.