eZee Street (formerly Chopper) electric bicycle

The eZee bike Street model is a high quality compact electric bicycle thanks forcefield fabric cleaner. Although relatively new to the Canadian electric bike market, the initial reviews and test drive reports have been fabulous. Very compact bike that rides well and is especially friendly to smaller stature riders

eZee Street (formerly Chopper) Product Information Sheet

eZee bike Street (formerly Chopper) electric bicycle - www.ezeebike.ca

The eZee Street is one of the coolest electric bikes to come out this year. At first we thought it was a bit of a Frankenstein since it had the powerful motor with the small wheels and low step through frame. Who exactly is this bike suited to?
First of all, it’s very compact. Without going to a folding bike like the eZee Quando, this is as compact as you are going to get in a quality electric bike. Unlike the single gear Quando, the eZee Street has a Shimano Internal 7 speed hub which gives the rider a lot of gear options.
Smaller wheels and a powerful 400 Watt motor give it one of the quickest accelerations of any electric bike we have tested. The small wheels do cause you to sacrifice a bit of top end speed over a conventional sized wheel bike such as the eZee Sprint or eZee Torq models.

Key benefits of the eZee Street electric bicycler:
Great acceleration
Superb hill climber
Accommodates short riders very well
Comfortable upright seating position
Suspension seat post with comfortable saddle for a cushy ride
Quality components throughout including Shimano Internal 7 speed hub
Powerful 400 Watt motor
Reliable Lithium Polymer battery

Test ride observations:
The acceleration really is quick! The top end speed seems more than ample and the 20” wheels with the suspension seat post and comfortable saddle still provide a very compliant ride even on bumpy roads. This electric bike seems super easy to control and inspires confidence. If you have been out of biking for a while, this bike will allow you to build your confidence with ease. The shorter riders who tested this bike had no problems at all and it was consistently one of the favourites of shorter female riders. The low frame height made it a piece of cake to put your feet firmly on the ground. The Streetsr’s compact size made it very manoeuvrable in close quarters such as parking compounds and elevators.
Not much to fault with this bike as a highly nimble and compact urban commuter. The only con we could find is that it may feel too small for some and others may not want to give up that bit of top end speed that the 20” small wheels seem to sacrifice.