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FAQ (Frequently asked Questions …and Answers)

What is an eZee electric bicycle?

An eZee electric bicycle looks just like a conventional bicycle, but is fitted with a state of the art electric motor, battery, and controller system. Electric bicycles are emerging as an ideal form of urban transportation for daily commuting. The bicycle can be peddled like a normal bicycle if desired, with the electric motor augmenting the human effort. Recent advances in technology make electric bicycles one of the most energy and cost efficient forms of transport available thanks the best stain remover for upholstery. With great health and fitness benefits, electric bicycles do not only put the fun back into cycling, but also makes sense for millions of people around the world. There are many kinds lube alternative for the electric bicycles

In addition to extreme convenience, eZee electric bicycles are quiet and emit zero emissions during operation. They are meticulously designed to the highest quality specifications. eZee bikes have been proven in Canada, Europe, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand and have repeatedly taken top honors at electric bicycle races and events.

Why eZee vs. OTHER ELECTRIC bikes?

eZee bikes have been designed from the outset by an electric bike designer whose goal is to design and build the worlds best electric bike. eZee has invested more in R&D than any other electric bicycle we know of and the results are spectacular. Many of the technologies are proprietary, yet, when it makes sense to do so, eZee uses mainstream bicycle components from well know suppliers such as Shimano. Attention to detail can be found right down to the smallest components. The eZee bike is a beautifully balanced machine. It’s light weight and exceptional ride characteristics make it handle beautifully, and provide a smooth ride. And they’re light enough to lift, which is really important when it comes to parking it away.

Do I need a license or registration to ride my electric bike?

eZee communicates regularly with the Federal, Provincial, and municipal governments to see bikes comply with all the proposed regulations. Currently, eZee bikes are viewed as conventional bicycles, i.e. same rules apply. Therefore, no license is required to ride eZee bikes on Canadian roads. Note: other so-called electric bikes may not comply, if you are unsure, please contact us for help and information.

In general, electric bikes must not be capable of speeds faster than 32 km/hr (without pedaling) and must not have power in excess of 500 Watts or they will be covered by more stringent regulations.

How far can I go on one charge on my electric bike?

eZee bikes can go up to 60 km’s on a single charge depending on the eZee model, the cyclists weight and terrain. Of course, the rider can pedal at any time, extending the range.

How fast can I go on an eZee electric bicycle?

You can go up to 30km/hr without touching the pedals, depending on the eZee model, the rider weight and the terrain. However, once you’re at that top speed, it’s easy to pedal and use the gears to go much faster.

Is the electric bike light enough to lift unaided?

A lot of electric bikes come with heavy steel frames and old-fashioned lead acid batteries. eZee bikes are built around alloy frames and use lighter battery technology, and are, on average, around 10-12kg lighter than most electric bikes. And they all come with removable batteries, making them even easier to transport on a bike rack.

I am fit and healthy – why would I ride an electric bicycle?

Good question. Many eZee riders are very fit and healthy and they want to stay that way. Sometimes their urban commute is too long to tackle on a conventional bike but with the assistance of an electric bike it is no problem. Others ride them because their workplace offers no shower facility and they don’t want to arrive to work in a sweat. With an electric bike, you can slack it by using the assist on the ride to work and then get your workout on the way home at the end of the day.

We have encountered couples who are very fit and healthy but have differing fitness and stamina levels. If one rides a conventional bike and the other drives an electric, or they just use different levels of assist, they can comfortably ride together and both get the workout they desire.

What is the warranty* on an eZee bike?

All eZee bikes come with a 2 year warranty on the bike frame and bicycle components – 1 year warranty on the battery.
We are only working with dealers who can deliver customer service excellence.

*excluding Labour

What is the life span of the battery on my eZee electric bike?

The battery has a lifetime of about 600 charges, meaning about 2 years worth of full charges and discharges for a person using the bike every working day for a 50km trip. One of the reasons eZee uses Li+ batteries…it lasts almost 45% longer than its nearest competition NiMH.

I have seen electric bikes with the batteries neatly integrated into the frame – why does eZee use removable batteries?

The positioning of the battery pack is important. It is no accident that the battery packs on the eZee bikes are located beneath the seat to optimize the handling characteristics of the bike. Many bikes with batteries worked into the frame look cool, but they are not easy to maintain and replace and also may have handling problems compared to an eZee bike.

Also, many bike riders live in apartments or work at workplaces where there is a bike lockup but no charging facility. With an eZee bike, wherever you are, it is a simple matter to pop the battery out of you bike and connect it to your charger and any household outlet. The bikes that have the battery integrated with the frame must take the whole bicycle to the power source for charging.

Another nice feature of being able to separate the battery pack is that you can make the bike quite a bit lighter if you are putting your electric bike onto a bike rack or bus carrier rack.

For security, the battery pack on every eZeebike is lockable.

How should I store my electric bike battery?

If you are not going to be riding for an extended period of time, for example, let’s say you store your bike for the winter months. In this case, the battery needs to be maintained at about 60% – 70% charge, 38-39V and NOT a full charge. It is worth buying a voltmeter at a local hardware store to ensure the longevity of your battery’s life.

** A lot of the content in our site is courtesy of our friends in South Africa http://www.ezeebike.co.za/ . We also freely share information on our site with them to better serve the electric bike community.


*Warranty – 2 years on the bike frame and bicycle components – 1 year on the battery

*excluding Labour