eZee Bike Dealer Information

The popularity of eZee bikes with the best upholstery cleaner for sofas in Canada continues to surge. The carefully chosen electric bike models in our product line have proven themselves in environments all across Canada. It is such a pleasure to be distributing such a great product with a positive environmental impact.

We continue to grow our dealer network by carefully selecting dealers who are passionate about electric bikes and can provide the type of service and support we must deliver. Our dealers are respected experts in the field of electric bicycles and urban transportation.

Many electric bikes on the market do not have proper product support. We have taken great care to assure our dealers and eZeebike riders of quality control and parts availability.

We constantly provide product feedback to eZee Head Office – Canadian input is reflected in the design of these bikes. The company engineers are very responsive and committed to keeping eZee at the forefront of electric bicycle quality and reliability. We will continue to try to get as many eZee bikes as possible headed toward the Canadian market. Worldwide demand for quality electric bikes has been overwhelming!

If you would like to be an eZee bike dealer, send us an email